Now I guide only for fun

COVID-19 brought tremendous changes to the Tourism market. Guides that worked without contracts lost their clients. Some of them survived on what little the government could offer, spending most of their savings during the several waves of the pandemic. Others, like me, have found a way to reorientate, to fall back on the skills we’ve collected during our lifetimes and professional careers. For me, it’s always been about computers. So, when a friend called me up and asked if I had any interest to pick up a new position opening in the company he worked at, I jumped for joy.

And that is how guiding went into the background. This means that I have little time to entertain guests and can do that only when I’m refreshed and available. And that’s rare. ๐Ÿ™‚

But I sometimes do it. You just have to motivate me. Here are a few things I love doing:

Things I love doing

  • Cycling. If you are looking for a couple of hours in the city and/or a couple of hours outside the city on a bike, talk to me. I’d love to show you around. Vilnius is a unique capital in Europe, as it is located right on the edge of the last glaciers โ€“ย where they stopped and finally retreated. Glaciers formed the river valley of Neris, where settlers built a beautiful, green city with an Italian vibe.
  • Hiking and camping. Are you a nature lover? Do you like glacial lakes? Perhaps a bog? Love picking berries in the fall? How about a campfire and sleeping in a tent/hammock? Something to think about.
  • Beer. I brew my own but can show you around some pubs with local craft beers. A friendly chat will go along. Oh, and I sing, but that’s another story.


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